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1. Sermon on wings and tergal lobes
2. The Autotelic
3. Solar Set
4. Sermon on files and vile springs
5. Light Code
6. Set Song
7. Sleep
8. Machines of Moisture

RELEASED 20/09/2011

Vega's digital language covers the spectrum between noise and pure sine. Using this sound world, Vega writes music in block gestures that can be described as micro-minimal with a passion towards machine-kind.

The music often touches on practices such as religious intoning and spoken-word. These practices were internalized to compose an original vocal and computer language that drives Vegas Wormsongs and its message. The songs strip the ideas of lyrical lines, replacing them with automatic instruments triggered to match an equally automatic vocal part brilliantly performed by Anat Spiegel.

   Wormsongs: Sermon on wings and tergal lobes

   Wormsongs: Solar Set

Wormsongs: Sermon on files and vile springs from Artek Foundation on Vimeo.

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