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believes that modern music audiences are interested in performances that have a strong and continuous concept with themes that they can connect to over the period of an evening show. Under this plan we aim to link great artists together to develop their talents into the creation of shows that touch on all the senses and leave not only an entertaining performance but also an artistic experience that generates thought and excitement.

The Foundation aims to further the evolution and development of the arts by providing a supportive working environment for practicing artists to collaborate with other mediums such as music, dance, theatre and video. Support comes in the form of sponsorship towards the creative process of multi-disciplinary works and their performances. We aim to enhance lives through the support of new art and quality artistic experiences.
- Marco Molling, chair
- Kees Tazelaar web
- Colin Driessen

Artistic Directors
- Henry Vega web

Het bestuur is onbezoldigd

Przemek Siemion, film director
Jolanda de Heus, stage manager
Kasia Glowicka, composer web
Georg Hobmeier, choreographer/director web
Diego Espinosa, percussion
Anat Spiegel, voice web
Goska Isphording, harpsichord web
Emmanuel Flores, real-time visuals web
Leo Lass, visual design/real-time visuals web
Juan Parra, laptop artist web
Michael Petri, film