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1. Slow Slower 1 - Roentgen Connection
2. Slow Slower 2
3. Izumi - The Electronic Hammer
4. Scanner Quartet 1 - Ragazze Quartet
5. Scanner Quartet 2
6. Scanner Quartet 3
7. Automata Angels - The Electronic Hammer
8. Stream Machines & the Black Arts - Barbara Luneburg


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Composer : Henry Vega
Musicians : Roentgen Trio, Ragazze Quartet, Electronic Hammer, Barbara Lunenburg

Vega's digital language covers the spectrum between noise and pure sine. Using this sound world, Vega writes music in block gestures that can be described as micro-minimal with a passion towards machine-kind.

With this CD Vega presents a body of works from the chamber repertoire that is unique in language and style, giving us his vision for music that identifies with contemporary emotions and intelectual ramblings.

"this is a chiming, busy, work (Izumi) that shimmers and pulses, slowly resolving from it's abstract opening into complex patterns of tone and sound that I can only describe as beautiful."
The Sound Projector - UK
"...where computer and recorder wondrously twist around filaments of harpsichord and viola da gamba by the Roentgen Connection, the tuning of a scanner and the sequential decryption of grabbed data on the four parts of Scanner Quartet - really impressive the interaction between electronic elements and the strings by The Ragazze Quartet on the first movement"
Chain D.L.K. - Italy