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1. Sermon on wings and tergal lobes
2. The Autotelic
3. Solar Set
4. Sermon on files and vile springs
5. Light Code (feat. Bart de Vrees)
6. Set Song
7. Sleep
8. Machines of Moisture


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Composer / Electronics : Henry Vega
Musicians : Anat Spiegel & Henry Vega feat. Bart de Vrees

Vega's digital language covers the spectrum between noise and pure sine. Using this sound world, Vega writes music in block gestures that can be described as micro-minimal with a passion towards machine-kind.

The music often touches on practices such as religious intoning and spoken-word. These practices were internalized to compose an original vocal and computer language that drives Vegas Wormsongs and its message. The songs strip the ideas of lyrical lines, replacing them with automatic instruments triggered to match an equally automatic vocal part brilliantly performed by Anat Spiegel.

"one walks away from this project with a sacral feeling."
Monsieur Délire - France
"Im arriving at the conclusion that Henry Vega is a very abstemious miniaturist, one who distills his musical output with as much care as a chemist of the 17th century. If your expecting a sort of post-modern operatic soprano, she's actually much less stiff than that; she's very adept at holding on to a monotone and working the note into the ground, as she twists her tongue around some very spiky syllables with ease"
The Sound Projector - UK
"Both his minimal sounds, as well as vocal levels are determined by the granulation process, whether by computer or by diction moving in fast flickering and soft flowing blocks. Vega is interested in the machine, creating a musical language where lyrical movement is replaced by automated methods."
DE:Bug - Germany
"Here we find a vocal stuttering, a sort of gibberish where a series of hardly decipherable words are emitted, winning us over. Everything seems driven by the vocal automatisms, though certain traditional instruments also peek out, such as piano, violins and various percussion - elements that support the strong musicality of the experience."
Neural - Germany