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Recording Research

LAWRENCE McGUIRE [ lead intern ]


ARTek Foundation invited me to test and analyse room acoustics in their newly built studio, ARTek Studio. What got me interested in joining this project is first of all the approach in how the space would be used. The studio is built in such a way that the acoustic panels and sound diffusers on the walls can be moved or removed to create a virtually different room size. This is much different than encoding an impulse response of a room and selling this in the form of a VST/AU for example. Musicians have the possibility to record themselves with different reverberation characteristics within the same location and session. Awesome.


An important part of my research and testing was finding an optimal microphone and player/instrument placement for possible setups that could frequently be used in future studio sessions. In this article I will supply the aforementioned setups together with their according recordings. A quadraphonic mic setup is used in all of the past and forthcoming test recording sessions together with the usage of different mics for different instruments. For each instrument a stereo mix is made. Possibly with the addition of binaural mixes in the future. Each instrument is recorded with and without the wall panels.