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Electric Gardens

The Electronic Hammer
Diego Espinosa
Henry Vega
Juan Parra

music by
Kaija Saariaho (Six Japanese Gardens)
Yannis Kyriakides
Juan Felipe Waller
Henry Vega
The Electric Gardens program is a unique production based on the Electronic Hammer Trio's instrumentation of percussion and computers which strives to strengthen the role of the electronic sound and percussion in modern music and society. In this program the group intends to bring new works from 2009/10 together with Kaija Saariaho's classic composition from 1993, Six Japanese Gardens. These works will mix into a visually and sonically exciting performance as we join visual artists with commissioned composers under the Electronic Hammer experience.

The intended works for this program include a new interpretation of Saariaho's Six Japanese Gardens, which sets the theme for the concert and is followed by two new commissioned works by Yannis Kyriakides and Juan Felipe Waller.
These new commissions, by two very strong composers working in The Netherlands, promises to be groundbreaking in musical style and instrumentation, exploring not only sound but also creating new electronic-percussive instruments for the occasion.
Our Electric Gardens program comes full circle with works by The Electronic Hammer's Henry Vega who brings the excitement of years performing together with Diego Espinosa and Juan Parra.

The Electronic Hammer came together for the first time in 2004 with the intentions of forming a trio for a new generation of listeners and artists. The group, based in the Netherlands, with its unusual lineup aims to reflect the new trends in music and technology seeking not only to perform commissioned works but also to challenge the medium through improvisation and spontaneous music making.

Electronic Hammer


Yannis Kyriakides

Henry Vega
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