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The Spycollective:

Georg Hobmeier [ director ]
Henry Vega [ music ]
Leo Lass [ video & stage design ]
Anat Spiegel [ voice ]
Michael Petri [ film ]
IMINAMI by the Spycollective is a multi-staged show that blends drama, electronic music and live visuals in a performance about the iconic South American legend of La Llorona. This insightful production confronts the phenomenon of memory and its frailties as the background for the dramatics and the physical layout of the performance. Here, the audience is led through four different performance spaces, each staging the various viewpoints of the legend. These chambers beautifully reveal the different angles that connect the historical events of a crime to the folk legend of a mother who murders her own children. Iminami breaks with tradition to deliver a study of infanticide, a timeless social taboo found in nearly every culture. These crimes and the mothers who commit them become the subjects of songs, myths and paintings and it is this iconography that the group stages in repeating sequential performances. as small groups of audience move through each performance and witness
the subject first as a myth, second as a study, then as a deity and fourth as the myth retold.

The performance of Anat Spiegel as the female figure has been described as "mesmerizing", "fantastic" and "intensely haunting" and is viewed not only in the single room she inhabits but also through other rooms while accompanied by different musical and visual scores to emphasize the different contexts of memory and legend.

The Spycollective is a interdisciplinary group headed by Henry Vega and Georg Hobmeier that collaborates since 2006 on performance works in which media, music and movement intersect. Technological discoveries and historical awareness are central components of the Spycollective's creative work as can be seen in Iminami and their body of works. Iminami was commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst (NL) and produced by Arge Kultur in Salzburg, June 2007.


Iminami video preview
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