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HENRY VEGA [ electronics ]

Ninevolt is a musical duo between cellist Jan Willem Troost and composer Henry Vega. The duo first came together to create music for the Prague Chamber Ballet and soon followed with the film Reclaiming Vision for the Munch Museum in Oslo which has been screened throughout Europe since 2018.

From this point the two musicians knew they had a special dynamic that they continued to develop into a live performance of unique music.

The music spans across the spectrum of virtuosity and simplicity, each piece diving into a precise musical question and answering it with a humor that is seen in the dynamics between the two performers. Based on this recipe they challenge themselves to create a solid artistic statement based on Vega's microminimal style combined with Troost's stylistic breadth and navigate a charm that is evident in their live events.

Ninevolt released their first album in 2019, available on ARTEksounds (click here) as well as Spotify, iTunes and all popular digital services.

Their new album is a spectrum that pieces together their works in dance, film and live performance demonstrating a phenomenal passion for exploration and dedication to new musical ideas and sounds.

Ninevolt was made possible through the support of the following institutions:

Studio Loos   Munch Museum Oslo Prague Chamber Ballet