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Anat Spiegel [ voice ]
Henry Vega [ music ]
Emmanuel Flores [ visual design ]
Henry Vega and Anat Spiegel present The Worm Songs, a live vocal electronic performance that sees the duo on stage accompanied by real-time visual projections from video artist Emmanuel Flores. During this hour-long show the group performs music inspired by a revised understanding of futurism relevant to modern movements in technology and humanism under the guise of extropy; This theme can be described as the belief that "...mankind will systematically expand throughout the universe" provoking thoughts evident in the titles of the various songs in this set.
The unique vocal style of for The Worm Songs touches on different musical practices to create its own sound. Inspired by Spiegel's distinctive voice in combination with a variety of traditions such as religious intoning and spoken-word, these vocal styles become internalized to create a novel vocal and electronic language. The voice is bridged into the electronics by a musical approach based on simplicity and the basic minimal elements of music - harmony, rhythm, melody - and computer manipulations of the voice done live making The Worm Songs an exciting electronic show with a deep and meaningful interpretation.

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